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Chetan Bhagat Someone

Who the hell is Chetan Bhagat to challenge Aamir Khan? Aamir is a big star. His last film 'Ghajini' raked in more than Rs. 225 crores worldwide. He has millions of followers. People idolise him; he is a youth icon. And then who is Chetan Bhagat - who is this guy?

Oh ok, he is just some writer. He had written some book called 'Five Point Someone' on which Aamir's latest film '3 Idiots' is supposedly based. But Aamir denies it. And we will believe him blindly. Why? Read paragraph one. Some people say that Aamir has not even read the book, so how can he comment? I don't believe it Aamir. Please tell those people that you are a perfectionist. You research for a film for more than a year and then go on making it.

So how can this happen that you have not even read the book for which you have given "rolling credits" at the end of the movie. For those who can't recall, remember that scene, when the movie and the last song and dance sequence ends, then a black screen and some random names come up. There in between Makeup Artist and Lightman, there it was - "Based on a book by Chetan Bhagat" or something like that. I couldn't really see for the entire janta present in the theatre had got up from their seats and started to leave. Damn those people, they don't even have the courtesy to see whether the movie was recorded in Dolby Digital Surround Sound.

Yes Aamir, I completely agree with you that the movie was just 5%-6% of the book. You must have some sort of scientific calculation system that is as perfect as you are. Please calculate and tell me how much was "Slumdog Millionaire" based on Vikas Swaroop novel, or how nuch was "Twilight" based on its book? Please consult you calculator. This is serious Aamir. These writers are taking up credit for stories and looting the film fraternity in front of everyone. You have done well to stop this.

This isn't Chetan Bhagat's story. This is story of some obscure writer that you have hired. Brilliant guy he is, I tell you. There are no similarities between his story and what Chetan Bhagat is saying on his blog. But why have you given even that single line of credit to that publicity hungry Chetan Bhagat when you had an original story. He made you an idiot, didn't he?

P.S. - Also please read Aamir Khan hits out at Chetan Bhagat!

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  1. I really have not read five point can't comment how much he copied..but its looking not possible as Aamir is responsible actor and will not involve in any copyright issue.
    I think its only a tactics for writer to get media attention.

  2. @Ravi I too had high regards for Aamir till today. But he proved me wrong. It's his gift on new year's day. ;)

  3. Well said mayank...I dont think anyone who has read the book will agree with Amir on his front.. Chetan has rightly said in his blog that Amir is speaking because he has the CREDIBILITY. and his poor fans will follow him word by word. 3 IDIOTS is a great movie because of nice performances by aamir and all. But the maximum credit goes to plot and that plot belonged to FPS.

  4. @vivek But we have to remember that fans of Aamir are not fools. Just see the reaction at his blog and you will come to know how miffed are his fans because of his actions.

  5. Aamir Khan has really disappointed me this time. I have read the novel and was surprised to see a responsible actor and so called “perfectionist” giving such absurd statements about the novel. Why is he tarnishing his image?
    Is this also a business funda…….a good means to promote the film as well as the novel….????

  6. Well... not to comment whether its Aamir or Chetan who is wrong... I just believe this is useless talk..

    Chetan must accept that screen-play is Raju-Joshi creation... He has had his share of book becoming famous!

  7. @Ritika You share my sentiments about Aamir Khan tarnishing his reputation.
    And you may be right about this being a business strategy, except that the film is already a hit. But who knows what goes on in their minds!!

  8. @Anonymous There is a difference between screenplay and story. The director of Kite Runner spent four years adapting the screenplay from the novel. That didn't make it his story. Same yardstick should be applied in Chetan's case too.

    Bloggers are also writers. So we should understand why CB is hurt and not dismiss it as useless talk. (I am assuming that you too are a blogger :) )


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