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Telemetry Correlation in Azure Application Insights

 Azure Application Insights is frequently being used by workloads running on Azure. The most simple and common example of this is a Web Application calling a RESTful API. In most enterprise-y scenario, one would find it to be a single page app commonly written in React/Angular talking to a .NET/Java Web API. However a surprising number of developers don't use or haven't heard of telemetry correlation in Application Insights. Azure SDK provides a robust mechanism of enabling telemetry correlation for various languages and frameworks. For .NET Core, this is turned on by default and you don't have to do any thing except adding  Microsoft.ApplicationInsights.AspNetCore nuget package and including the following line in your code: builder.Services.AddApplicationInsightsTelemetry(); For other frameworks, it is not as simple. Here I am going to show an example for a React app. This app is bootstrapped using Create React App (CRA) tool. Next create a file AppInsights.js and add