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Ajab Prem Ki Not So Ghazab Kahani!!

As I had written earlier I was in the process of shifting my home to somewhere near my office. Finally, I managed to do it and was peacefully nestled in my new home. Everything was going at its normal pace (meaning boring), till yesterday while in office, I received a call from my new roommate asking whether I wanted to watch "Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani". I couldn't remember the name of the last movie that I had seen in a theater, so I figured that may be its time to watch a movie. Also, the title and promos of the movie looked interesting. Plus, people comparing it to "Andaz Apna Apna", (directed by the same man who has directed this - Rajkumar Santoshi) finally pushed me over the edge.

We went to E-Square, Pimpri for the 9.45PM show with high expectations. The movie begins in a fictional town by the name "Wellington" (which is basically Ooty where the movie was primarily shot). A reporter enters into an empty town, and wonders where the people had gone. That's when the statue of Lord Wellington (yes, statue!!) starts narrating the story to the reporter. The stupidity begins here.

The movie has the same story which we have seen umpteen times. Loser boy loves beautiful girl, girl loves another rich boy, loser boy hides his love for the girl, in the end everything works out and girl and boy get married. Throw in some songs, beautiful locales and some hilarious action sequence and what we get is APKGK. Come on Bollywood, this doesn't sell anymore.

About the actors, Ranbir has improved a lot but still has a long way to go. He hems and haws through the emotional scenes with the audience laughing at his misery, not taking pity. The emotional sequences are way too long and quite frequent and could have been done without. Katrina Kaif sleepwalks through the role, looking dolled up as ever. Katrina cannot match a Juhi Chawla in a comic role. I didn't laugh when she says to Prem that he is overacting when he confesses his love for her, but felt angry!!. Imagine Juhi instead of her, and you will definitely smile.

The movie definitely has some good comic moments, but they are few and far. Come on Rajkumar Santoshi, the 90s over-the-top comic scenes don't impress the audience anymore. The only saving grace in the movie is its songs. The songs are peppy and fabulous and have been shot well. My personal favorite is "Tu Jaane Na".

Go for the movie if you have nothing else to do. Else stay away from it and wait for its DVD release. I will give 2 out of 5 stars for the movie. Let me know what you think.


  1. Tumhari "masand" I mean pasand to kafi milti hai kisi se ;)

  2. why is finding fresh stories to tell so hard in Bollywood ??? or they just dont want to take risk with something new ?? as for Katrnia... she is plastic.. and Ranbir is nothing if u take out his last name...

    I watched Jail think its worth 3.5/5

  3. @Udi I too am surprised at the mindless Bollywood. If you want some good comedy, its better to watch "The Hangover" which is the latest movie I have seen.

  4. @Sid While we all agree that it's a bad movie, it has gone to be a super-hit. Wonder what people like these days!!

  5. Wellington is not a fictional town in ooty it really exists look it up. and you're being to hard this movie was much better than the cheap shit Bollywood makes these days.


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