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IPL Ki Aasha

The Times of India's "Aman ki Aasha" campaign in partnership with the Jang (meaning "war", ironical isn't it!) Group wasn't gathering any steam despite their best efforts to sell it. They were being criticised for being short-sighted and creating sensationalism and rightly so. After the recent IPL auction, the entire Indian media was ashamed and their anger burst out when they saw their favorite Pakistanis being humiliated by some filthy rich Indians, buying out players at an auction. The Times of India could feel the pain of the hurt Pakistanis who had to suffer the excruciating loss of millions of dollars. I could even see tears rolling down the cheeks of a news anchor as she grilled Mr. Lalit Modi as to why the Pakistanis were not given millions of dollars. Lalit Modi gave some lame reason that its not just Pakistanis who were not sold, many others also met the same fate. But the anchor would have none of this bullshit and promptly took him offline and ended the show with a smartass comment about how Indians have insulted real talent.

Soon the Pakistanis, who were watching all this tamasha, started feeling the same pain. How dare you not take us into the IPL, they thundered. Somebody made a lame comment that the Pakistanis decided not to play in IPL 2 so why are they crying now? These people just don't get it. Not playing in IPL 2 was their decison. But now they want to play and its again their decision. We have to accept it.

Ijaz Butt, the PCB chairman, was higly disappointed. Javed Miandad said that IPL is becoming a big mafia. It just coincidental that he married his son to Dawood Ibrahim's daughter. Don't make that an issue. And please don't hurt the Pakistanis. They are very sensitive people. So sensitive that they kill innocents just beacuse they think that they own Kashmir.

Pakistan has now said that it will boycott IPL and the Hockey World Cup. I would request them to go ahead with this threat. If we both neglect each other, atleast then we can have "aman ki aasha" between us.


  1. Well I think they(Pakistan) have create this situation.people from pakistan are always engaged in proxy war with India.Their players are victims of their own people.Its obvious that the IPL Franchise will not invest money in them as it may happens that some terrorist from pakistan will come tomorrow and attack somewhere in India and then pakistanis player won't be available to play game.


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