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Using Windows Terminal to fight Covid-19

Covid-19 has been declared a pandemic by WHO. Countries around the world are working to contain and treat Coronavirus affected patients. People are asked to avoid congregating in large numbers and work from home if possible. There are multiple precautions suggested by WHO such as washing hands, avoid touching your face, etc. However as we increasingly work in isolation, it is easy to forget these instructions.

As a software developer, I mostly spend my day working on the freshly baked Windows Terminal. It is an amazing piece of software that you can customize to your heart's content. Scott Hanselman has done an amazing series of blog posts around that. Now what if I can get Windows Terminal to prompt me and tell me about the precautions that I need to take!

To get this working on your machine,
1. you need to follow the instructions in Scott Hanselman's blog post first.
2. Next customize the theme for your terminal as provided in this gist.

This theme cycles through a series of precautionary messages suggested by WHO each time you use the Terminal. Hope this helps you in a small way and reminds you to keep washing those hands!