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Pune's Taliban!!

One fine day I was going to my office (on second thought the day on which I have to go to office can't be a fine day!) when I felt a tap on my shoulder. "Hey! You didn't recognize me!!", complained a strange women who had her face completely covered in a cloth with only two holes near the eyes as her gateway to the world. I stared at her puzzled, racking my brain to identify her voice, but wasn't getting anywhere. "Er... how can I recognize you when all I can see are two eyes?". "Idiot!!... I am Shruti", she shrieked. Oh yes!! I said sorry for not recognizing her as we entered the office. (To this day I wonder why I said sorry? It wasn't my fault.)

I had often wondered why girls in Pune cover up their faces when they go outside. Today was my chance to get the answer from the horse's mouth. So I asked Shruti about it which soon turned into a heated argument. Some excerpts:

Shruti: "See, the cloth protects us from the sun and heat and pollution. Plus it also protects us from The Swine Flu!!"

Me: "Okay, I would understand the heat part if it were May or June, but c'mon, this is November. It is raining outside, so the dust is also less and so is the mercury. And why do you apply all those facial lotions, scrubs, etc. which, by the way boast of such a high Sun Protection Factor (SPF) that even the sun would also blush, when you have to cover up the face!!
And what rubbish about Swine Flu. You know 99% of people affected by it get healthy without any medication. This flimsy cloth would do no more than suffocate you than protect you from Swine Flu."

At this point her face was getting redder. I should have stopped.

Shruti: "We also cover our faces so that no lecherous men can leer at us. And it also protects us from our relatives who can't recognize us when we are on a bike with our boyfriend."

Me: "Hmm.. That's a good point. Hiding your love life from the world", I smirked. "Anyways, you know this also presents a security threat as terrorists can also misuse this. Plus I know that you people do this because all other women do it. It's like a herd mentality. Otherwise, what's the point of covering even your hands. You know, you won't have any problem even if Taliban takes over Pune because you are the Pune's Taliban!!"

Shruti: (Her face and eyes all red) "Okay, you win. I am always wrong. You are Sir Oracle. Whatever you say is correct. I am going now as I have to work and not waste time like you. Bye."

You can't really argue with that!!

P.S.- All characters and story are completely fictional and bear no resemblance to any person, living and of course, dead.


  1. I thought its more common is hyd only..
    but surprise to know this epidemic is everywhere..
    the 2nd reason is looking more appropriate as girls want to see others but don't want o be seen by others.

  2. @Ravi This epidemic is everywhere in India..
    And you hit the nail on the head with your 2nd point..

  3. Nice Article...suggest u promote your website to more people...nice one since I too am intrigued by the Indian Talibani faces in Pune

  4. Try going to office on a 2 wheeler once in heavy traffic of pune or any other city for that matter and u ll come to know how important is covering yourself.
    Weather doesn’t matters as you have to crisscross between junkyard buses and their smog. A tan and rough skin is guaranteed if u go out without gears, especially to girls. Guys also use helmet and jackets to cover themselves; it’s just that it doesn’t look peculiar and goes unnoticed. The cover ensures you are fresh while starting your day in office.
    Afa hiding love is concerned, well that’s a value addition that comes with the cover. Cant ask for more from a piece of cloth..can you?

  5. @Name changed.... Thanks for the encouragement!!

  6. @Abhishek Nice comments... while no one can compare a piece of cloth to a helmet, it does have some merits... Agreed!

  7. Good job Mayank....and good that a lady succumbed to your arguments:)

  8. Do u like this typing of veiling?


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