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Proud to be a Bihari?

After nearly an year, this December I had a chance to visit Bihar. My visits normally consist of resting in my home in Patna and occasional visits to my uncle's place. But this time it was different. I had to go to Gaya to attend my cousin sister's marriage ceremony. Stepping out of Patna made me question - Am I really proud to be a Bihari?

Patna is like any other city in India, struggling with pollution, traffic jams, crime, etc. Being snuggled in my bed in Patna had made me forget the reality of what Bihar really is; after all its been nearly 10 years since I had traveled to any town outside of Patna in Bihar. So, the illusion was broken the moment my uncle's brand new Maruti A-Star moved out of outskirts of Patna, to what is supposedly the "National Highway". If you haven't guessed it already, its an apology of a road.
The car groaned and complained as it bumped along at a snail's speed. As my uncle is in PWD (Public Works Dept.) - Roads division, I asked him why isn't the government repairing these roads? He told me that since that was a NH, it doesn't come under the purview of Bihar Government. The central govt. apathy towards Bihar results in these conditions.

Things did improve slightly when we passed a small village called Dhanarua and stopped for snacks. My uncle told me that few years back this was a Naxal-infested zone and people never stopped here even when there were no roads. Under the Nitish Govt., the road has been built by working under constant presence of paramilitary forces. I was speechless.

Somehow, we covered the 140 kms journey in more than 4 hours (yes, 4 hours!!) and finally reached Gaya -  the place where Gautam Buddha gained divine knowledge and where Hindus from around the world come for Pind Daan - offering to appease the souls of their dead ancestors. When we entered the town, I felt I had traveled 15 years back in time. There was no electricity. Garbage was strewn everywhere, with people and cattle walking on it. You cannot imagine the filth even when we were in the main market of the town. The entire town was under a thick black smoke coming from the numerous gensets that work round the clock there. I felt like I would develop asthma! The more I looked around, the more sick I became. So I just shut my mind and passed the rest 2 days of my stay in that condition.

I was relieved when I got back to Patna (after that excruciating journey again). But now things didn't seem so good here too. I saw rich people stealing electricity from poles by hooking up wires and then cursing the govt. when lights go out. I switched on the TV and watched the local news. It didn't help the matters as I could now feel the angst of people whose suffering goes unnoticed on National TV. I felt like being one with them. I wanted to do something for them but didn't know what.

Now back in Pune, I still think about it. I know I will slowly forget it, but I don't want to. So I am writing this blog so that even if I forget it, it will refresh my memory. I will wait for the day till I gather up the courage to leave everything and go back to my state and work for my people. Wish me luck!!


  1. Really a nice thinking..I think the root of the problem is a political will to make changes.Also people of Bihar has to relize that if other state can grow up so as we.But there is a long way to go.I hope you will do something and my best wishes are with you.

  2. Well Mayank .. I would say nothing will change unless the mindset of people changes..!! Who says to throw garbage on main roads or any where else.. itz the people and their apathy.. we tend to blame others like government,municipal corporation or politicians for all the pathetic conditions,but never look within us..if we change ourselves ,everything will change and it surely will be reflected in all spheres of Bihar's life..!! Just to cite an example- U must have noticed during chhatha puja everything is clean and arranged.. because that time we take responsibilities.. if we can take it that time why not throughout the year ??

  3. @Gaurav Very well said... after all what makes the government?? Its us only...

  4. Dude but situation has improved exponentially isn't so?? There are still some huge problems but the key point here is weather the curve is upward or downward...when we see the situation in Maharastra its on the downward curve with corrupt governemnet,electricity problems and farmers suicide.,Paraochial Raj thakare type movements...but i think in Bihar the law and order situation and trust on the government has improved drastically now just wait and hope that the governence is delivered upto the people's expectation

  5. @Amresh I totally agree. The situation has definitely improved but we are still lagging behind by 15 years.

    What I don't agree is that Maharashtra is going down... The problems that Maharashtra faces is faced by the entire India and I don't think India is going down...

  6. i am a bihari living in switzerland i love my state bihar but i dont speak the language bhojpuri because whole of my life i lived outside bihar,but one thing what i want is my state bihar should go to that height from where nobody can turn her down.Now why i am saying this is because i think if u can take care of your state u can build better future for ur country.For us indians our states together it makes country for us to live .Its not about living its about living peacefully and how can we live peacefully its by safeguarding our guardian state and our grand guardian country "THAT IS PROUDLY SAID TO BE INDIA(OUR MOTHER LAND)........PROUD TO BE A BIHARI AND MORE THAN THAT PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN ......I LOVE MY COUNTRY AND I WANT ALL MY COUNTRYMEN TO GIVE RESPECT TO OUR MOTHERLAND AND WE SHOULD ALWAYS BE FORFITTRD TO DIE FOR OUR COUNTRY IN ANY CASE............LOVE YOU MY MOTHERLAND

  7. Namaskar,
    I am sure the following link will lead you to the solution to all the problems:


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